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Lucky Rajeswaran


Lucky Rajeswaran is a global Procurement Partner and Intellectual Property Licensing Manager, experienced in manufacturing and direct purchasing for consumer products. He is a graduate of Temple University and it’s 2012 Minority Winner of Temple’s Be Your Own Boss Bowl Business Competition for Caseinity (acquired by Disrupt Holdings), a mobile phone accessory licensing company he founded in 2011 with Cuan-Chai Megghross and Nate Trunfio. He’s an award winning inventor who holds of a number of patents including US20130057215 A1 for mobile phone attachable charger, US8759675 B2 for mobile phone dual purpose casing and US20100264791 A1 for a universal furniture system. He’s also the Procurement Partner for the Tim-Tam Massage Gun (acquired by Disrupt Holdings), which is used by various sports teams and personalities including the Houston Rockets, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles and Manny Pacquiao. 

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